sábado, 9 de julio de 2011


well, you are quite a few times I say it now I feel different and I want to act again''change,''but here the question is: is this true? or is it just a time thing? I'm really tired of the same and do not want to be so I really want to be 100% and not only to give necessary.
I'm thinking just a moment I've been thinking all along that's what I've been looking for?as I have been acting. Is not really where I was going or because I did, this time I've changed more than a million times, my way of thinking or seeing things. Find the mostvain, meaningless, or one way or another fill in the blanks with whatever game or justforce things to work or give so much without getting anything in return. Well here's some bad news you do not have q expecting anything in return when they give something to someone as if you've done is something that is already done because in reality you wanted to give and receive nothing in return. It is the time that you say but I think that you see you've already found and you know where you are going is as if you had the map,because before you had no idea where your life was heading, but now you know and that's a big step my lady.